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Brand Bidding Automation

Only run Brand Ads when competitors are bidding

Intelligently Defend Your Brand Search Terms

Many brands struggle with the question of whether to bid on their own brand keywords. Bidding may be spending money to appear to customers who were yours anyway, while not bidding leaves the door open for competitors and hijackers to place ads.

Micromanager uses Marcode’s industry leading search data to stop your ads from running when there are no competitors, and start them as soon as another advertiser is spotted on your brand terms.

Google Ads Integration
Micromanager works by integrating into your Google Ads account and controlling the keywords that your campaigns can bid on.

On a frequent basis, it will check whether competitor ads have recently been seen (based on thresholds you configure), and take action if necessary. All actions are logged in your Marcode account, so the decisions and search landscape can be audited.
Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 16.53.12.png
Fine-Tuned Rules

Micromanager allows you to configure the exact scenarios where bidding will be stopped and started. Rules can be changed at any time, and have an immediate effect. An example configuration is provided below.

Bidding is stopped only when:


  • It is the weekend, and

  • the brand’s website has been in the #1 organic position for the past 3 hours, and

  • there have been no other paid search competitors in the past 3 hours, and

  • if shopping ads appear, no competitors have appeared in the first 9 positions

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