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Search marketing, decoded.

Prevent affiliates, competitors, and fraudsters from running ads on your brand keywords. Safeguard your customers. Reduce your costs. Improve advertising performance.
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Top brands trust our platform:
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Turn Off Brand Ads and Drive Traffic Through Organic
Automatically stop bidding on brand keywords when there are no competitors. Start bidding again the moment a competitor appears.
“Up to 75% of top brands fall victim to fraud in Google Search Ads.”
Creative Strategy
Use AI to deeply understand competitor creative strategies and identify how they change over time.
100% accuracy
Unlike other solutions, Marcode does not click your ads or rely on heuristics to identify hijackers.
Hi-Fi data collection 
as standard
Marcode collects data more frequently than any other provider. Each keyword is  monitored every six minutes.
Transparent pricing starts at £400 per month for 50 brand keywords. Marcode always has a positive ROI.
Start Protecting Your Brand Today
Understand who is bidding on your brand keywords in two minutes.
Find and Prevent Hijacking
Affiliates and fraudsters use loopholes in Google Ads to run ads under your domain. They use cloaking techniques to avoid detection.
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