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Advanced Affiliate Monitoring

Marcode provides affiliate monitoring to ensure affiliate compliance. 

Ensure affiliates are following programme guidelines and rules with minimal effort.

Monitor brand keywords
Marcode tracks keywords across all major search engines and markets. Ensure that affiliates are not bidding on restricted keywords with high frequency checks. Custom keyword groups and rules make reporting and analysis simple. 
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Monitor affiliate ad copy

Marcode logs all ad copy, using AI to extract and summarise details. Use this information to ensure affiliates do not use restricted terms in their ad copy. 

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Automated alerts
Marcode provides real-time alerts so you are notified the instant compliance is broken. Alerts are fully customisable based on any data within Marcode. 
Automated Affiliate Extraction

Marcode integrates with affiliate networks in order to automatically extract and log affiliate details. 

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Ensure affiliates are compliant

By using Marcode's advanced affiliate monitoring brands can:

  • Stop discount codes from being misused

  • Stop affiliates creating competition in search advertising and increasing codes

  • Stop non-compliant creative immediately

Marcode provides the most effective affiliate monitoring solution. Keywords are scanned every 6 minutes, with flexible rules to enable easy affiliate monitoring.

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