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Stop throwing marketing budget away

Marcode is ROI-positive for all of our clients
and often has an ROI of 20x - 50x for large businesses.

Start using our industry-leading platform now to start reducing your unnecessary spend on search ads and affiliates.

Brand protection

50 keywords monitored

Google and Bing included

Each keyword searched every three minutes

Advanced click analysis to uncover affiliate fraud

Competitor insights

Trademark infringements

per month

Automatically stop and start brand bidding based on competitive trends

Drive brand traffic to organic when no competitors are bidding

Customisable thresholds and rules at the keyword level

Based on our industry-leading high-frequency monitoring

Fixed monthly cost


All the benefits of Marcode

Billing via monthly invoices

Managed ad takedowns and safety complaints

Dedicated account manager

Affiliate network and BI integrations

API access and custom crawling

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